2006 Dodge Ram 3500 Laramie Mega Cab 2 WD Pickup (596)

This week we’re looking at the 2006 Dodge Ram 3500 Laramie Mega Cab dualee (dual rear wheels) short bed pick up truck. Wow. This is one big truck and the Dual Rear Wheel configuration is awesome, albeit a pain to maneuver. For example when you parallel park the rear wheels opposite the curb side (touching the curb) will extend out into the street beyond the standard painted markers by the entire two wheels. I own one and on the ranch it is just as troublesome as on city highways. Really, it doesn’t fit between trees comfortably because even off-road most roads don’t take a wide ass truck into consideration.

The Mega Cab configuration is pretty impressive too. You could seat three NFL linemen in the rear seat suited up for the big game, or the entire cheer leader squad. What’s really nice is the rear area is so large it also allows for a cargo area behind the rear seat. You can tote a foursome and all their golf clubs stowed behind the rear seat and still have room for at least one caddie.

One negative is the small box on the back when you opt for the Mega Cab. But everyone has their own needs and carrying folks in comfort may be more important than a large pick up bed. This is a perfect choice to haul that 5th wheel and the entire family and friends on holiday.

Public Service: this is a reminder to use your cruise control if your car has it. This is surely the greatest tool for improving highway traffic flow. Accelerating and decelerating with the touch of a button makes changes less abrupt and thus keeps the flow smooth for everyone. Rapid changes of speed are the most significant cause of accidents and backups on the highway. The ripple effect of erratic driving of someone up front affects virtually everyone behind. It benefits everyone by helping them get where they’re going with less stress. If your car doesn’t have cruise control, simply try to keep with the average flow of traffic and maintain that speed. Ok, you say, “what about the idiot who weaves in and out at 10-20 mph faster than the flow”? Ignore them and you can be sure the highway patrol WON’T.

Handling & Performance:

Lots of power from the Cummins Diesel. I have about 250,000 miles on my Cummins powered Dodge Ram 3500 dual wheel truck. It’s an extended cab with small doors and a large box. Great for hauling a ton of hay or a couple of cords of wood. Mine is a 4 X 4 and this test vehicle is a rear wheel drive only – 4X2. Great for the 5th wheel but I would need the 4 wheel drive where I need to take mine.


Dodge has always been tops in displaying its tough and rugged exterior. The interior of this one borders on being overly elegant. Thus another reason why this is suited more to the highway and clean travel than a horse or cattle ranch. It would be a shame to muddy up the beautiful interior with its great looking wood grain trim or muck up the great carpet and leather seats.

Fit and Finish:

Excellent even for a luxury passenger car.


Ok, they got ya here. Yes it’s pretty but I’m beginning to wonder if anyone uses a truck for what it was designed for… Work.


I don’t know if the seat belt and “door open” reminders are a convenience or a constant pain in the ass. Really, if I can buy and drive this truck I’m smart enough to put the seat belts on when I hit the road. In any case a gentle reminder is all I care to hear. Otherwise it’s like a nagging spouse of either gender. It makes me want to pull out the old 44 and blast the damn thing.

The fold flat rear seats are too cool. In one easy motion you tilt the seats forward and flat. And it is really nice to have heated front seats on those cold mornings.  

Consumer Recommendation:

Perfect for those urban cowboys. But don’t take it to the office or it may not fit into your assigned parking space.

Recognized Competition:

Dodge Ram 3500 $27-48,000, Ford F-350 Super Duty $23-40,000, GMC Sierra 3500 $26-38,000, Chevrolet Silverado 3500 $26-38,000.

Good News:

Powerful enough to haul a house and if it can’t nothing will. Mega cab comfort for the kids on a long trip to the mountains, river, or the ocean.  

Bad News:

Burns a lot of fuel and with a 34 gallon tank consider a fill up is $120.00 at the current (May 2006) price of Diesel.

Standard Equipment:

5.9 liter inline 6 cylinder 325 hp Cummins Turbo intercooled Diesel engine, 4-speed auto trans, 4-wheel ABS disc brakes, power rack and pinion steering, front stabilizer bar, HD shocks, Sentry Key theft deterrent system with remote keyless entry, intermittent wipers, rear power sliding window, power adjustable pedals, dual zone climate control, 6-way power front seats, 60/40 split bench rear seats, heated front seats, Sirius satellite digital radio, Stereo with 6-in dash CD/MP3 player, leather wrapped steering wheel with audio controls, power windows and locks, visors with lighted mirrors, overhead console with trip computer, power heated fold away mirrors, class IV hitch receiver, full size spare and cargo light.

Options on test vehicle: Crystal pearl coat paint, leather bucked seats, Laramie package to add side air bags, anti-spin differential axle, fold away power trailer tow mirrors, power sunroof, navigation system, dual rear wheels and tow hooks for $5,715 or a total sticker price of $51,320 including destination charge.

Gas Stats:

? City and ? Highway MPG
It bothers me when a vehicle doesn’t give EPA stats. Anyway, my overall mileage was between 15 and 17 mpg.


MSRP $44,705.

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