2007 Chrysler Aspen (624)


This week we’re looking at the very new 2007 Chrysler Aspen SUV. I know, you ask how can they continue to produce gas hungry trucks and small busses like this Aspen? But then I say to you, “Oil / Gas Shortage”? What Oil Shortage? Is it all fabricated? That has to be everyone’s question. The price of gas at the pumps has now adjusted to the real world to a price reflected by the cost of oil worldwide. We consume so much that our price is less per barrel than Europe for example.

So why do we continue to build such big vehicles? Simple – the consumer demands them and is willing to pay the price at the gas pump.

Do we have a moral obligation to buy fuel efficient vehicles? No because we have free will and we WILL buy these boat and trailer hauling, rough and tumble, out back 4-wheel, macho machines if we want to. It’s our money and damn it we’ll have what we want. Now, if the price of gas goes high enough you may see a change in attitude. Where is that, you say… well how about $8 per gallon that is similar to the price of gas in Europe?

Well these things don’t get much larger. In fact it occurred to me that now I think I know how Edith Ann must have felt like in that rocking chair. I’m average height and weight (ok if the truth be known my weight is more than average) but this still dwarfs the average guy or gal.

Public Service Observation: cration site rencontre
If you “Aim” you car … you might just be a road “Redneck”. Jeff Foxworthy didn’t utter those words – they are mine.
Handling & Performance:

In the whole concept of high performance gas thirsty big trucks and SUV’s these things are more powerful and capable than ever in history. The products just get better and to those who think the old days were better they need a reality check. Nostalgia aside there is and never has been a better car than those being manufactured today. Braking, suspension, and high tech accident prevention devices are literally fantastic and functional. The drive train is simply the best ever as evidenced by routine warranties that are 100,000 miles – 5, 6 ,7 or even 10 years. They can do that because the systems are nearly bullet proof and trouble free.

Cruise control is one of my favorite features so I’m acutely aware of how well it works. Well it has an annoying fluctuation on a downhill slope. This is pretty rare and I’m also wondering if it were just a defective unit.


Now, you have to ask yourself – nostalgia aside again – have cars ever been more great looking? This Aspen is among many in its field that are just drop dead beautiful.

Fit and Finish:

Superb ! The touches like the high intensity (daylight) lighting in several nooks and crannies give you the feeling you’re in a space ship. Ok, so I’ve never been in a space ship but its what I envision a space ship would look like inside.


This is a different spin on how good a product we’re talking about, because there is no free lunch, and you’ll pay for the privelidge of owning today’s modern marvels. But relative to the competition Chrysler continues to be in there punching. The fight for your consuming dollar is brutal. Manufacturers romance the buyer with glitz and glamour and convince us we must have that car or truck to be a complete human being. It will impress your neighbors, friends and the opposite sex with clearly explained rewards.

Conveniences and comfort:

Wonderful stuff. Demand has pushed technology to the far out edge of the universe. I’m beginning to feel Navigation systems are no longer a luxury but rather a necessity. OnStar from GM is wonderful and I wouldn’t want to have a car without that capability. Unfortunately this Aspen doesn’t have it. But I have found it keeps me out of trouble on every road trip. It literally removes the stress and anxiety of running out of gas and needing to find a station of my choice and open or not. In a strange town I’m never worried because GPS and a friendly voice accessible at any time of the day or night will guide me instantly to a safe harbor.

Another more common feature is the tire monitor system and in fact it prevented a potential problem by turning on the warning icon when I began to lose pressure in one of the rear tires. I stopped at a gas station to learn I had picked up a nail in the tire. The attendant plugged it and in literally 5 minutes I was back on the road. I could have continued to drive and found myself struggling with changing the tire in a dangerous place in the middle of the night.

Consumer Recommendation:

The menu is packed with lots of choices. But if you ever thought you’d pop for a large SUV you need to act now while this introductory price is in effect. Trust me this is one of the best priced products of all the competition listed. When it earns acceptance the price will reflect that endorsement. This product is Mercedes Benz inspired from Daimler Chrysler.

Recognized Competition:

Chrysler Aspen $31-34,000, GMC Yukon $34-43,000, GMC Yukon Denali $47-50,000, Lexus LX 470 $67,000, Toyota Land Cruiser $56,000, Volvo XC90 $36-46,000, Jeep Commander $28-38,000, Land Rover LR3 $38-53,000, Lexus GX 470 $47,000, Dodge Durango $29-38,000, Nissan Armada $35-43,000, Cadillac Escalade $54-59,000, Chevrolet Suburban $36-48,000, Mercedes Benz GL-Class $55,000, Ford Expedition $29-43,000 and Lincoln Navigator $46-51,000.

Recognized Competition:

Chrysler Aspen $31-34,000, GMC Yukon $34-43,000, GMC Yukon Denali $47-50,000, Lexus LX 470 $67,000, Toyota Land Cruiser $56,000, Volvo XC90 $36-46,000, Jeep Commander $28-38,000, Land Rover LR3 $38-53,000, Lexus GX 470 $47,000, Dodge Durango $29-38,000, Nissan Armada $35-43,000, Cadillac Escalade $54-59,000, Chevrolet Suburban $36-48,000, Mercedes Benz GL-Class $55,000, Ford Expedition $29-43,000 and Lincoln Navigator $46-51,000.

Good News:

New, well priced for introduction, super comfortable and helpful standard features.

Bad News:

Gas hog, soft suspension that makes it comfy also makes it rock and roll in the turns, so you won’t be road racing in this Aspen.

Standard Equipment:

5.7 liter Hemi V8 engine, 5-speed automatic trans, Electronic Stability program, dual front and side airbags (all rows), 4-wheel ABS disc brakes, tire pressure monitor and warning signal, information center, security alarm, theft deterrent system, remote keyless entry, woodgrain interior treatment, tilt steering, air conditioning with rear outlets, power windows and locks, power front seats, 18” Aluminum wheels, power heated fold away mirrors, rear intermittent wiper washer, full size spare tire. Options: Preferred pkg. Includes -leather front and second row seats, power / heated front seats, power adjustable pedals, auto dimming mirrors, power liftgate, stereo with 6-in-dash CD player with MP3, Sirius satellite digital radio (1 year included), running boards, 20” chrome clad aluminum wheels, locking lug nuts, trailer group with 7 and 4 pin wireing harness, heated second row seats, DVD GPS navigation system and hands free communication and remote starter. Options add $9,060.

Gas Stats:

$2.33/ Gal avg.

15 City and 20 Highway MPG


MSRP $30,745 standard equipped.

General Info:

Parts – Engine – Mexico, Trans – USA, U.S. Canadian
parts – 76%. Assembly – Newark, Delaware, USA
Class: – Special Purpose
Cars: – 300, Aspen, Crossfire, Pacifica, PT Cruiser, Sebring and Town & Country.

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