2009 Subaru Impreza 2.5 GT (740)


This week we’re looking at the Pre-Production 2009 Subaru 2.5 GT 224 hp Turbocharged. What a sweetheart over the Crest with great acceleration and a road huggling low profile ride. And its looks are very today which is a reflection of many in and out of its class. The air scoop is real, by the way.

Available (as is the WRX) in 4 and 5 door (hatchback) models and both are equipped with a variation of the Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system. All wheel drive has been the signature of the Subaru brand and considered the best AWD car sold in America by R.L. Polk & Company.

They are great handling but the system pushes the price up higher than most of its competition group. You get what you pay for, of course, and it is popular as are all the SUV’s. People simply want the security and safety of the feature. If you drive in California or really anywhere in the southern part of the US, you have to consider if it is really needed. If you spend time in the snow, then you’ll appreciate the capability and can justify spending more. Frankly a pair of chains is a cheaper alternative unless you live in snow country.

General Info:

Parts –

Assembly – Japan

Class:  – Compact

Cars: – Forester, Impreza, Legacy, Outback and Tribeca.

Handling & Performance:

The symmetrical all wheel drive train layout and the engine is slightly lower help to lower the car’s overall center of gravity, which in turn contributes to the great handling characteristics mentioned above. Of course the Turbo doesn’t hurt any either when it comes to mountain driving conditions and the demand for power. You’re going to love how it drives, I guarantee it. The GT employs an electronically managed continuously variable transfer clutch for power distribution based on acceleration, deceleration and available traction. When there is slippage the active torque split system automatically transfers more power to the wheels with the best grip.


The best yet for Subaru with a totally redesign in 2008. I like the look a lot better than any past designs. In 2002 the 2 door was discontinued and now it is only available as a 4-door sedan or wagon. The WRX was introduced in that year.

Fit and Finish:



About $27,000 which is supported by the quality and performance of this consistent performer.

Recognized Competition:

Subaru Impreza $17-35,000, Pontiac Vibe $16-21,000, Mitsubishi Lancer $14-26,000, Acura TSX $29-32,000, Chevrolet Cobalt $16-23,000, Pontiac G5 $17-20,000, Volkswagen Jetta $18-23,000, Volkswagen GTI $23-24,000, Volkswagen New Beetle $18-26,000, Mazda 3 $15-21,000, Dodge Caliber $16-25,000, Hyundai Elantra $14-17,000, Toyota Matrix $16-22,000, Toyota Corolla $15-20,000, Honda Civic $15-25,000, Ford Focus $16-18,000, Suzuki SX4 Sport $13-18,000, Kia Spectra 5 $16,695, Nissan Sentra $17-21,000, BMW 1-Series $29-40,000.

Good News:

Great ride and all wheel drive performance is among the best.

Bad News:

A bit pricey for a compact class even though it is a good performer.

Standard Equipment:

2.5 liter 224 hp horizontally opposed 4 cylinder turbocharged engine, 4-speed auto trans, symmetrical all wheel drive, stability control, traction control, 4-wheel ABS brake system, front and side curtain airbags, sunroof, air conditioning, power windows and locks, seating for 5 and CD player.

Gas Stats:

$2.15/ Gal avg. Feb, ‘09


for more information.

19 City and 24 Highway MPG


MSRP $26,995.

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