2017 Hyundai Elantra Sport M/T (1171)

This is the 2017 Hyundai Elantra Sport M/T (Manual Transmission). I’ll repeat myself in noting that in the early years of the industry cars were equipped only with Manual Transmissions and in the early 1950s when automatic transmissions began to be popular Manual was recognized as ‘Standard’. Today of course you’d have to special order a manual shift transmission on most cars.

There is an informative article on the subject of Manual Transmissions at this link: http://www.cartalk.com/blogs/bestride/these-are-all-manual-transmission-cars-available-today

In summary the article states that Americans don’t buy manual transmissions anymore. 96% of the cars, trucks and SUVs sold in America have automatic transmissions. Some segments in the market don’t offer a manual at all, regardless of the model.

You used to be able to save a few bucks buying a cheap car with a manual transmission, and enjoy better fuel economy. Not true any longer and rather some will even cost more than an automatic. These days, the fuel mileage almost never gets better when compared with an automatic transmission.

General Information: It is assembled in Ulsan, Korea; Parts – US/Canadian 0%, Korea 97%; Engine & Transmission – Korea; Classification is Midsize Cars. Cars from Hyundai: Accent, Azera, Elantra, Elantra Coupe, Elantra GT, Equus, Genesis, Genesis Coupe, Santa Fe, Sonata, Sonata Hybrid, Sonata Plug-in Hybrid, Tucson and Veloster.

When you spend as much time in cars that we in America do, it’s amazing how much you can learn just by observing. I’m certain you notice the same things I do on the highway.

One observation is that many drivers do not pay as much attention as they should while driving. The result is, of course, accidents and most are caused by distractions. Even seasoned drivers can err, especially with all the new technology we have. Tweeting, texting and phone calls are a few things unavailable just 2 decades ago. And when you are being distracted it takes place at ever increasing speeds.

Driving is a serious responsibility and your mistakes can put others’ lives at risk, including your own. Even if you have passed driving classes with flying colors, the majority of your driving skill is learned over time. Ironically both ends of the spectrum – Youth and Old age –  complicate the problem even further. On top of that the roads are replete with newcomers to our busy highways from societies where they rode bicycles or walked or used public transportation. The variety therefore of levels of driving skills from a myriad of cultures is mind boggling and it’s a wonder there aren’t even more collisions than we must painfully endure already.

So please pay attention when you get behind the wheel. Avoid any distraction you can. Be safe.

Handling & Performance:
Super-fast and fabulously fun to drive. Good turning radius. It is also easy on gas.

It has that “Today” look that is clean and smart but in many cases almost boooring. Hyundai and Kia (sister companies) are as good as it gets in design.

Fit and Finish:
Very good assembly and fitting components.

This Elantra is an excellent value at about $20,000. If you want a sunroof and automatic temperature control and some other upgrades in sound system etc., you will spend less than $2,500.

Conveniences and comfort:
One of the more convenient features is quite simple – keyless entry and push button start. Ok, so even early cars had a simple ignition. Turn the key and push a button on the dash or on the floor and wa la you were off and driving. Real advancement will come shortly when the car recognizes your voice when you say car – start or you say it to your iPhone Watch as you walk to the car.

The first drive will impress you. The first think I noticed was the contour of the driver seat. It hugs you gently and it is especially appreciated with a Manual Shift car. For me it was a Flashback to Corvette.

What I missed in this test vehicle was “Hill Start” assist that is particularly helpful with a Manual Shift car. However for those who’ve never driven a manual transmission car this Elantra, as well as some others, you will be prompted for the best time to shift. Kinda like having training wheels on your bicycle.

Consumer Recommendations:
If your budget is $25,000 or less this is a fantastic value for a 5 seat sedan. It has relatively spacious seating and the trunk is very good size.

Recognized Competition:
Hyundai Elantra Sport M/T $21,000, Buick Verano $24,000, Honda Civic $21,000, Mitsubishi Lancer $21,000, Kia Forte$17,000, Nissan Sentra $18,000, Chevrolet Cruze $22,000, Mazda 3 $19,000, Toyota Corolla $23,000.

Good News:
Well priced – a lot of bang for the buck. It is fast and fun to drive, and among the top in fuel economy.

Bad News:

Standard Equipment:
1.6 liter Turbo GDI, 201 hp 4-cylinder engine, 6-speed manual transmission, 4-wheel ABS disc brakes with electronic brake force distribution and brake assist, stability control, traction control, blind sport mirror, rearview camera with dynamic guidelines, 18” alloy wheels, LED daytime running lights and taillights, 7” display audio system with AM/FM/HD/ & 6 speakers, Sirius XM radio, Android auto & Apple CarPlay, USB charging data and power, Bluetooth hands free phone system, steering wheel mounted audio and cruise controls, leather seating / heated front seats, alloy sport pedals, illuminated vanity mirrors, hands free smart trunk opener, keyless push button start / stop.

Gas Stats:
$2.50 / Gal avg. December 10, 2016
for more information.
22 City and 30 Highway MPG

MSRP $21,650.

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