1998 Honda Passport 4 Door 4WD EXL (187)

This week I used my Passport to truck about between Old Pasadena and the high desert where this 4-wheel drive RV is as much at home as it is going to the theatre in Beverly Hills. No bull, and that’s the nice thing about the most well rounded automobile on the road today. Lexus puts out the LX450 luxury RV and I found myself comparing this new, longer and wider Passport with the LX450. It has simulated wood grain trim that adds further to give it a plush car-like interior. The popularity of RV’s is testimony to the fact that practicality still occupies the foremost spot in consumer’s minds.

Recently I commented that the Honda Prelude was losing market share big time, and what picked up the slack in sales for Honda was its Passport and CR-V models. We vote with our dollars and with the long lasting recession for us in California it is clear that people have opted to spend their money wisely. Is it possible family values are returning and we look to a car that provides for everyone’s needs? Well, if RV sales figures are a good indicator, the answer is yes.

This is one of my favorites in the line-up of RV’s that we have to chose from, because it’s a Honda. As you may know I tend to favor American cars because they are a great value right now. But I also appreciate the quality edge you get from products from Honda. There is a definite crossover from other products from Honda. I was thoroughly enchanted with the Acura NSX but also marveled at the great engineering this Honda division car displayed. Paul Durant, one of the hottest race car drivers today shared my enthusiasm in a conversation we had this past week about the NSX.

Good news: 

Ease of use button operated, shift on the fly, 4-wheel drive. Assembled in US with 55% of parts from the US and Canada. RV’s set high for great road visibility.

Bad news: 

If there is any, it has to be the sway you feel on cornering, which is typical of most RV’s because they set high off the ground.

The competition: 

Chevrolet Blazer $21,663 – $25,176, Chevrolet Tahoe $23,585 – $31,985, Ford Expedition $28,225 – $34,690, GMC Jimmy $21,786 – $25,855, Isuzu Trooper $26,550, Jeep Grand Cherokee $25,945 – $38,275, Land Rover Discovery $35,000 – $38,000 Mercedes-Benz M-Class $33,950, Toyota 4Runner $20,558 – $34,618.

Standard Equipment:

3.2 liter 6-cylinder 205 horsepower engine, 4-speed automatic trans, 4-wheel drive, power steering, 4-wheel anti-lock power disc brakes, child proof door locks, dual airbags, remote keyless entry, air, leather trim and wheel cover, stereo with cassette and CD, cruise control power door locks and windows, adjustable steering, power moonroof, roof rack, power mirrors, fog lights and more.

Gas Stats:

EPA numbers are 16 City and 20 Highway MPG.


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