2000 GMC Yukon XL 4WD (297)

No more sub for GMC but this Yukon XL fits the bill perfectly. In fact, it sits on the same vehicle frame as the Chevrolet Suburban.

I thoroughly enjoyed driving this big hunk of steel and plastic. It not only looks great, it is extremely comfortable and if it weren’t so lousy on gas I’d like to drive it all the time. It was easy to maneuver around town and sure it’s big but you do get accustomed to the  size when parking and turning. It takes up more of any parking space and you’ll do some “high stepping” to get in and out. But overall this Yukon is a delight to drive. 

In addition to good around town driving and good handling, this is one very comfortable truck. The Captains chairs are akin to the big comfortable seats in first class on United. So for those long trips, and especially toting lots of folks and their gear, this is an ideal vehicle.

The model I drove was equipped with the OnStar communications system and that option adds about $2,500 including some other upgrades. It is slick, for sure. You simply push the little blue button (the red cross button in an emergency), and the phone dials automatically. A pleasant voice comes on line and she can pinpoint your position, tell you in which direction you’re traveling, on which road, and what color and make of automobile you’re driving. Ok, do I have blue eyes or brown? She didn’t know. But she CAN help you with directions or help you find the nearest gas station and much more.

Handling & Performance:

Good handling for a big truck. It’s very powerful and although it’s a Suburban it doesn’t feel as big. It corners well and the 4-wheel disc brakes stop on a dime and give you nine cents change.


Very nice in my book. I’m impressed GMC. It has smooth clean lines and generally exudes a classy look.

Fit and Finish:

Top notch. It looks and feels solid and tightly put together.


More goodies and gadgets than a self respecting truck driver would want. It’s a driving experience that’s as close to your big leather chair in the Den or Study. But it does come with manual air conditioning. There’s lots of storage areas and a large center console.


Pretty pricey, but if you have to tote a lot of people a lot of the time, the cost to value is good.


I had a not so old lady from Pasadena ask how I liked it because she was looking to replace her mini van. After learning she totes her 90’ish aunts around several times a week I suggested she get another mini van. They are better on gas but more importantly it is easier for older folks to get in and out. This SUV is for the young and restless with lots of agile energy. None of the competition boast’s any better gas mileage than this GMC Yukon, which is truly the Cadillac of the big Sport Ute’s in my opinion.

The Competition:

Ford Excursion $33,655-40,745, Land Rover Range Rover $59,000-67,300, Toyota Land Cruiser $51,728.

Good News:

Lots of power, lots of space including seating for up to 9, handles great, super visibility and the comfort level is outstanding.

Bad News:

Lousy gas mileage, for some it will be too bulky to maneuver, difficult for the very young and the very old to get in and out.

Standard Equipment:

5.3 liter 285 hp V8 engine, 4-speed auto trans, autotrac push button 4WD, power steering, foglamps, trail harness, dual and side impact airbags, 4-wheel ABS disc brakes, rear child security locks, remote keyless entry, front and rear air conditioning, power heated mirrors, power windows and door locks, audio system with CD, 6-wau power front seats and roof mounted luggage rack.

Gas Stats:

14 City and 16 Highway MPG.


MSRP $37,346

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