2000 Nissan Maxima V6 (294)


This 2000 Maxima SE 4-door is Nissan’s “Flagship”, as well it should be. Look out Louie, we’re under full sail and the racing jib is out. This lubber may not have sea legs, but on land it’s quite nimble and quick too, Jack.

I haven’t been in a Maxima for a few years and I really “enjoyed the ride”. Ok, so it’s not a Bay Watch beauty but it’s better. It’s the kind you take home to meet mama and the one you end up marrying – know what I mean?

I have to make an observation and it’s almost a revelation. If you’ve driven older cars where everything is OEM (original equipment manufacture), you’ll note some differences in how our cars have progressed and improved over the years. Simple things that we don’t think about any longer,  like Syncro-mesh transmissions, fuel injection, electronic ignition, etc. I missed a shift and actually heard gears grinding. Don’t hear that much these days. It wasn’t always so, son. I missed a shift in my 1934 Chevrolet and broke a tooth off second gear. Get out the tool box, bust a few knuckles and improve your four letter vocabulary. God those were great days, eh mate.

Handling & Performance:

Very good because it is confident. it delivers exhilarating power from a V6. It’s a kick to drive if you like “Fast” and have that need for speed.


Nice cookie-cutter design, and even has a bit of a flair toward more costly cars.

Fit and Finish:

Neat and tidy, which you come to expect from Japanese automakers. The interior has a good feel that reminded me of the work ethic of the Japanese. They used to retro-fit our Navy seaplanes in years I spent in the Philippines and I acquired a sense of respect for how dedicated they are as a people to the “collective”. Then my bubble was popped when I found they are assembled in Los Angeles.


The ups and extras add about five grand to the standard equipment price and you’ll have to be the judge as to whether you need the following: Sunroof, 17” alloy wheels, 8-way power driver and 4-way power passenger heated front seats, heated outside mirrors, side air bags, leather, automatic air, and Bose audio system.

The basic standard equipment was just fine thanks. I’ll use the extra $5,000 to take a trip to Japan. Also standard is a very roomy interior that should seat five comfortably.


The basic flagship pricing is very competitive.


The basic standard equipment was just fine thanks. I’ll use the extra $5,000 to take a trip to Japan. Also standard is a very roomy interior that should seat five comfortably.

The Competition:

Acura TL $28,400-30,400, Audi A4 $23,990-28,790, Chevrolet Impala $18,890-22,790, Dodge Intrepid $20,645-24,435, Ford Taurus $17,885-21,085, Honda Accord $15,350-24,550, Mitsubishi Galant 17,357-23,757, Oldsmobile Intrigue 22,210-25,840, Pontiac Grand Prix $19,935-24,610, Subaru Legacy $19,195-24,295, Toyota Camry $17,518-26,198, Volkswagen Passat $21,200-27,655.

Good News:

Nice car with lots of quality and attention to detail, roomy interior and ample trunk space, smooth comfortable ride and good gas mileage (especially important now that we’re being raped by the oil companies, while they conveniently blame it on the miniscule amount of oil that comes from the middle east).

Bad News:

There is lots of competition equal in most every way, so you’ll have to look at a lot of cars. Unexciting cookie-cutter design..

Standard Equipment:

3.0 liter 222 HP V6 engine linked to a 5-speed manual transmission, 4-wheel power antilock disc brakes, halogen headlights and fog lights, air conditioning, cruise control, power windows and door locks, AM/FM audio system with Cassette and CD player, leather wrapped steering wheel, power mirrors, tilt steering column, defrosters, remote keyless entry, security system, dual air bags, ignition immobilizer and child rear safety door locks.

Gas Stats:

21 City and 27 Highway MPG.


MSRP $23,649.

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