2002 Ford E Class E350 XLT Super Duty Wagon (371)

Ok folks I thought it would be boring too, but the 2002 Ford Econoline F350 Van was way cool. Sure, it has to have a purpose, but there are many uses for such a versatile vehicle.

It seats 8 so that must be the first requirement you’re looking to fill. That could include anything from a business application where you car pool and want to have 6 of the 8 watch training videos, for example, while in transit. There are two screens mounted from the roof for great visibility. Or if you’re an every day mom who always volunteers to shuttle the scout troupe around, this is great because once again those little darlings can be seen and not heard. However, if all the kids are yours you’re in trouble because the entertainment center won’t be nearly enough to accommodate agreement of varying ages on what to watch.

Handling & Performance:

Just what you’d expect. It’s a big van with high profile design and isn’t designed for road racing. Well, daah. But this puppy is equipped with a big V10 and will never lack the power and torque for most any use. The bad news is it will never want to pass a gas station.


Good for a utility van. It is designed for the things it must be able to do, carry people and gear comfortably, and it does that well.

Fit and Finish:

Much better than I expected.


Aside from the entertainment center with headsets, it is equipped with the usual radio and air, etc., as noted below. What it doesn’t have are two sliding doors like the conventional mini van usually designed to seat only five. The manual operating sliding door is on the passenger side. The huge cargo area makes it convenient to move 8 people including all their ski equipment, for example.


Not cheap, but this is a specialty vehicle that has the towing power along with the passenger capability with all the bells and whistles.

Consumer Recommendation:

Assuming you have a need to tote 6 passengers with luggage you’ll want to look at this van that provides comfortable utility because it is more car like than vans of the past. You can knock off $5,000 from the MSRP below by eliminating the “Traveler Package” that includes the remote keyless entry, entertainment center and heavy-duty tow package.

The Competition:

Chevrolet Express $24-35,000, Dodge Ram Wagon $21-26,400, GMC Savana $24-35,000.

Good News:

Powerful, spacious, seats 8 comfortably with luggage, great entertainment center.

Bad News:

Poor gas mileage, little competition in this class.

Standard Equipment:

6.8 liter V10 engine, 4-speed auto trans, power mirrors, air front and rear, power windows and door locks, cruise control, power steering, power ABS disc brakes, class 1 tow package, dual front and side air bags, remote keyless entry, entertainment system, power driver seat, stereo with CD player, 7-passenger captains chairs and much more.

Gas Stats:

14 City and 18 Highway MPG.


MSRP $35,290.

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