2011 Subaru WRX Sedan (861)

This week we’re looking at the 2011 Subaru Impreza WRX 4 Door Sedan which was a fun car to drive. It still remains, in my mind, a kids car which is likely a strength in demand. It is priced at about $25,000, however, and that may be a little rich for young budgets. Do young people buy their own cars these days? Nothing is more obnoxious to me to see a teen driving a new BMW… and probably will attend the University of Spoiled Children. The WRX is manufactured in the US at a plant in Lafayette, Indiana that employs about 3,500 auto workers. It is the only plant outside of Japan for Subaru, and produces the Impreza, Legacy and Tribeca. Currently because of the earthquake in Japan parts shortages have forced limited production at the plant. But the workers will not be laid off as the facility also builds the Camry for Toyota.  General Info: parts come from Japan. It is assembled Lafayette, Indiana. Class is compact AWD. Cars from Subaru – Forester, Impreza, Impreza WRX, Legacy, Outback & Tribeca. .


You will get a kick out of this… remember when I suggested recently that you should not use a cell phone while driving? Well, execution is not always easy, and although I have a portable hands free device I left the office while having a conversation on my cell, got in the car, started it and drove off. I didn’t get 5 blocks when a CHP motorcycle cop coming in the opposite direction on a city street spotted me and turned around to cite me. I handed him my License and registration etc and didn’t argue or plead for mercy but rather fessed up and said I know better. I cheerfully accepted the $159 first time citation and re-avowed to only use a Cell Phone while driving with my Bluetooth device. The officer pointed out April was Cell Phone awareness month so their QUOTA’s are higher than usual. Be more careful than me.My Bluetooth device is portable because I’m in and out of a different car every week, but you can get one built in and they link up to your cell as soon as you get in the car so you don’t have to remember or get distracted as I did.Those of you who have received a citation for cell phone use in the car while driving likely already know the second citation is about $400. You can bet your ass I won’t give them a second chance to increase the tax I pay. Handling & Performance:This WRX is turbocharged  for impressive acceleration and all wheel drive coupled with a wide track stance and low center of gravity make it a superb handling car. The deep exhaust sound adds to the draw to youthful drivers.  Styling:The design is youthful, racy looking replete with air scoops, rear spoiler and aluminum sport touches on pedals and foot rest. The seats are nicely highlighted with special sport trim & stitching. Generally, the curves and edges are just a little too busy for my taste. The wheels are sporty but for me it also detracts from the quiet look I prefer. But the kids are going to love owning one. The low to the ground stance will require the boys to pull up their pants from around their knees to get in (a belt might help). Don’t you just puke when you see how today’s youth clothe themselves? Hey, we weren’t much better in trying to make a statement that we too had worth – you know duck tails, t-shirts with cigarettes rolled up in the sleeve. Yea, we were cool too. Fit and Finish:Good.  Cost: A little pricey, but Subaru quality, AWD and turbo performance make it a good value. Conveniences and comfort:I appreciate innovative touches like the brake delay feature so when on a hill it allows you remove your foot from the brake and not roll back, without having to use the hand brake. Nice touch. Consumer Recommendation:Let the kids work and buy their own car. It builds character. Recognized Competition:Subaru Impreza WRX $26,000, Audi A3 $30,000, BMW 1 Series $29,000, Chevrolet Cobalt $25,000, Chevrolet Cruze $22,000, Honda Civic $20,000, Hyundai Elantra Touring $19,000, Mazda Speed3 $24,000, MINI Clubman $25,000, MINI Cooper $23,000, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution $34,000, Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback $28,000, Volkswage Golf $24,000, Volkswagen GTI $25,000. Good News:Fast, fun, great features with AWD handling and pretty good fuel numbers and most important it is made in America. Bad News:A little pricey. Standard Equipment:2.5 liter 265 horsepower turbocharged horizontally opposed 4-cylinder engine, 5-speed manual transmission, continuous AWD, Vehicle dynamic stability and traction controls , front and side airbags, power windows and locks, seating for 5, 4-wheel independent sport tuned suspension MacPherson struts, coil springs stabilizer bar, double wishbone with stabilizer bar, power 4-wheel disc brakes with brake force distribution, power moon roof, leather, audio with CD player, 6-speakers, XM Satellite radio, Bluetooth hands free calling, iPod control capability, USB port.  Gas Stats:$4.19/ Gal avg. April 8, 2011www.fueleconomy.govfor more information. 19 City and 25 Highway MPG Pricing:MSRP $25,495.
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