2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo M/T (943)


This week we’re looking at the 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo M/T (Manual Transmission). It does come with an Automatic Transmission (A/T). The last Hyundai I tested was the Equus Ultimate 4-door sedan. It too is a new model launched in the US in 2010. Veloster hit the US market the following year.

As you probably know, Hyundai and Kia are sister companies and although highly competitive they are cooperative. They share some platforms but it seems they are driving each other to see who can be the best. Competition is truly a driving force in this industry even more than others.

Things don’t change all that much and early American car makers divisions acted exactly the same. Surely GM’s Chevy and Pontiac went head to head while Oldsmobile and Cadillac were Bobbsey Twins in a lot of ways as well. Cadillac, of course, won out in the end since Oldsmobile was cancelled after its 100th birthday. Cadillac was, after all, the Standard of the world in Cars – Pontiac bit the dust too and one has to wonder if this whole trend is telling a little of the future. Will companies have to receive huge bail outs from US Tax payers to compete with other car makers? Should they be? One has to wonder if that isn’t simply rewarding folks for poor performance, and that is like shoveling sand against the tide – it’s a losing battle. Moreover, this losing battle is especially foolish to give more money to the same irresponsible managers and expect a different result.

General Information:

Parts from the US / Canada 1%, Korea 81%. It is assembled in Ulsan, Korea, Classification is Compact Car. Cars from Hyundai: Accent, Azera, Elantra, Elantra Touring, Equus, Genesis, Genesis Coupe, Santa Fe, Sonata, Sonata Hybrid, Tucson, Veloster & Veracruz.


I see so many similarities of the failing of some in the auto industry and the resultant bailouts with the current generation. I guess it is a sign of the times where both kids and companies are moving back home and letting mom and dad pay for their excessive life styles.

That is a huge departure from the mind set of all prior generations in history who believed that you should “Earn before you Deserved”. Today it would appear this generation has an entitlement mentality where somehow just because they “are”, the world owes them a living. As a youth I was constantly reminded that the world does NOT owe anyone a living. Post WWII parents survived both the depression and a great world war, but for generations before them, life was even harder. They knew the value of a buck because they believed you should save for a rainy day, even if it meant they would have to do without.

All generations prior to the current one had been humbled by a difficult life and where survival was the first order of business. In America the common man had found success in providing for his basic needs with something left over to begin to enjoy life. Meanwhile, most of the rest of the world was still struggling just to survive under Socialism and other less than free economic societies. It is likely that this generation of American’s will need to be humbled once again before they will be able to find their way back and reaffirm the principles of Liberty that leads to prosperity.

It is truly time to loose the people once again in the American Spirit to lead the rest of the world to abundance. But the social mood is Anti-American even in America. Go figure. Many believe we’ve done “Too” well and somehow America’s wealth is ill-gotten and should be given back. To whom, I don’t understand. But it was the success of those before us who earned and deserved what was earned. That national fortune should not be squandered by the current generation. We’ll have to rethink the belief that we can always employ a teenager while they still know everything.

Something to think about.

Handling & Performance:

The smooth ride was unexpected as I looked at the sporty sleek stealth sharp edges and flat grey / black paint.


Stealth bomber came to mind with the sharp edges and paint that is very unique. The flat grey black color gives it the look of a Stealth Fighter jet. Hyundai calls it Limited Edition Matte Gray paint. Very cool.

I’m not a fan of the third door on the passenger side and feel if there is a reason for the third, there is a reason for a fourth.

I also noted the view out of the back window is chopped up and distorted. All cars behind appear squatty like wide track cars. You get used to it, but one wonders if that is necessary.

The grill was initially a curiosity but as I looked at the car in total it is quite congruous when taken as a whole. In fact the Stealth look is enhanced as it resembles an intake for a jet engine on lots of fighters.

Fit and Finish:

Quite good.


The base Veloster MSRP is $17,000 but the Turbo I tested is about $22,000.

Conveniences and comfort:

Veloster is a full featured smaller sedan and has a third door on the passenger side for rear seat exit on the curb side of the car. Good thought but I think there should be a forth on the other side. It’s kind of cutsie but not a good design in that it is inconvenient for the driver side rear passenger to slide over to exit on the passenger side.

Nice touch screen system for audio and Nav and rear view camera.

Consumer Recommendation:


Recognized Competition:

Hyundai Veloster $17,000, Acura TSX $30,000, Chevrolet Sonic $14,000, Ford Fiesta $13,000, Honda Civic $16,000, Mazda 2 $15,000, Mini Cooper $23,000, Scion FR-S $24,000 and Subaru BRZ $25,000.

Good News:

Smooth ride, powerful fast Turbo, priced well, and very good fuel economy, easy Bluetooth installation.

Bad News:

Distorted rear view.

Standard Equipment:

1.6 liter Turbo GDI 201 horsepower inline 4-cylinder engine, front wheel drive, 6-speed manual transmission, sport tuned suspension, electronic stability control, 4-wheel ABS disc brakes with brake force distribution and brake assist, front side and side curtain airbags, tire pressure monitor, 18” allow wheels, fog lights, power side mirrors with turn signals, rear spoiler, air conditioning, Dimension Premium audio with Sirius, CD and MP3 and 8 speakers, iPod, USB and Auxillary jacks, Blue link, Bluetooth hands free, 7” Multimedia touch screen, smart key with push button start / stop, steering wheel mounted cruise, audio and phone controls, leather seating and steering wheel and shift knob, driver power  seat with heated front seats.

Gas Stats:

$3.61/ Gal avg. October 12, 2012


For more information.

26 City and 38 Highway MPG


MSRP $22,000.

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