2013 Mazda5 Grand Touring (954)


This week we’re looking at the 2013 Mazda5 Grand Touring midsized crossover 6-seater.

I generally put a lot of miles on all my test cars at about 100 miles plus per day both on the highway and around town. This is a comfortable versatile crossover that looks good. I see it as a great family car for those with a limited budget for automobiles, but still want all the electronics we all seem to need in the 21st Century. And we know that our kids are so in touch with new technology that is the future for them. It is also a fact we spend a lot of time in our cars and kids under driving age must accompany us wherever we go. So having connectivity is more important every day. Not many cars today have wireless connection but that is coming.

Moreover this Mazda 5 is built with all the really important safety features like brake force distribution and stability and traction controls. These features are the hidden or at least not obvious, but important never-the-less. They are ones we should be aware of, understand, and demand them for the safe handling they provide. They are “invisible” until you need them and are in danger of getting out of control. It is then that they kick in and don’t allow you to make a big mistake. This Mazda has it all and it is all included in the MSRP price. I rather appreciate when they include all that neat stuff that we shouldn’t do without.

General Information: 

Parts from the US / Canada 0%, Japan 95%. It is assembled in Japan, Classification is Midsize. Cars from Mazda: Mazda 2,3,5,6, MazdaSpeed3, CX5, 7, 9, Mx5 Miata, RX-8 & Tribute.

Opinions and Observations:

I spend a lot of time on the road and observe, as you do I’m sure, how much we see the CHP issuing tickets. That, to me, is a sign the state needs revenue and the CHP needs the revenue to protect their jobs. Yes, they are back again but you know as well as I do, they are not here in a role of HIGHWAY PATROL that is ostensibly there to serve us who pay them. You won’t notice them remove debris from the road to keep us safe. Nope – we must be ever diligent at 70 MPH to avoid the danger we pay the CHP to remove and thus dodge and swerve in danger maneuvers around tires, ladders, bumpers and all manner of junk. Now THAT is a danger they seem to ignore, while they sit along the roadside with their “impressive” radar guns to be sure you don’t exceed the posted speed limits.

So I say to the CHP we know your presence is not to protect and serve but to be the instrument of “tax collection” for a wasteful, out of control, government. Me – I’d rather see us lay off a bunch of those “Highway Patrol persons” – because we the people just can’t afford them.

So this is a friendly reminder to all you drivers to be smarter than the problem and slow down and pay attention to what you are doing out there on the highway. Then you can avoid yet another hidden tax in the use of the highways.

The exception is: If you are driving and texting or touching up your lip gloss I think you know you deserve those fines because you endanger all of the rest of us. $300 to $1,000 fines – I’m not sure how excessive they are even if they are arbitrary.

Handling & Performance:

I enjoyed zipping around town which is where we spend most of our driving time while at the same time it is a great commuter that is comfortable even for longer trips. I never wanted for or felt the engine was laboring. But if you want neck breaking acceleration you won’t be happy if you expect 0-60 mph in less than 9.5 seconds.


Nicely designed with flowing lines that work. They also included lots of thoughtful features that everyone in the family will appreciate.

Fit and Finish:

Very good.


Priced right considering all the standard features.

Conveniences and comfort:

Outstanding in class with well thought out design for seating 6 people.

Consumer Recommendation:

Look at some of the more expensive competitors I’ve included below and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised you can do better for your transportation dollar.

Recognized Competition:

Mazda 5 $24,000, Honda Fit $20,000, Kia Soul $17,000, Ford Transit Connect $22,000, and some other close competitors a step up in price that are worthy of comparison: Kia Sorento $24-34,000, Hyundai Santa Fe $24-38,000, Toyota Venza $29-40,000, Honda Crosstour $29-38,000, Ford Escape $23-31,000, Chevy Equinox $25-33,000.

Good News:

Effectively competes with some upper classmates, well priced, great around town and open road midsize car that seats 6.

Bad News:

A little less fuel efficiency than is common in today’s world because growing gas prices will only go higher. It seats 6 but it will be a little tight most noticeable on those longer trips.

Standard Equipment:

2.5 liter 157 horsepower inline 4-cylinder engine, 5-speed automatic transmission, front wheel drive, 17” alloy wheels, rain sensing wipers, rear wiper with washer, 6-passenger seating, 2nd row captain chairs with under seat storage and fold out table, 50/50 split fold sown 3rd row seats, leather heated front seats 4-wheel power ABS disc brakes with EBD (electronic brake force distribution), electronic power assist steering, traction control, stability control, front and side curtain airbags all three rows, tire pressure monitor, independent front and rear suspension, auto headlights, rear lift gate with spoiler, climate control, 2nd row vents, audio with Sirius sat radio, USB audio input, Bluetooth phone and audio system, power windows and locks, power moon roof, remote keyless entry, leather wrapped steering wheel with audio and cruise controls, tilt and telescopic steering column,

Gas Stats:

$3.41 / Gal avg. December 31, 2012


For more information.

22 City and 28 Highway MPG


MSRP $24,470.

Your comments are welcomed. My e-mail is joe@autolove.com

Your comments are welcomed. My e-mail is joe@autolove.com
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